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Sales Integra, a leading provider of sales integration solutions, needed help to gain visibility in search engine rankings. Their website was not ranking for any significant keywords, making attracting organic traffic and potential clients challenging. They turned to Send Rank for a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve their online presence and drive organic growth.

Our Approach

We believe in transparency, honesty, and clear deliverables at Send Rank. Our approach is simple: follow what Google recommends and avoid shortcuts. Many SEO providers attempt to manipulate rankings through black-hat tactics, but we focus on compliant, white-hat practices that lead to long-term, stable rankings at Send Rank.

Our strategy for Sales Integra included three main components:

  1. Weekly Blog Content
  2. On-Page Optimization
  3. Custom Link Building Outreach

Weekly Blog Content

We created and published weekly blog content structured to target intent-driven search terms. Each blog post was crafted with a focus on internal linking to assist in ranking primary pages. This approach ensured the content was relevant, engaging, and helpful to visitors, aligning with Google's preference for activity and genuine user experiences.

On-Page Optimization

Our on-page optimization efforts focused on delivering a great user experience. We thoroughly audited Sales Integra's website, fixing technical issues and optimizing for target keywords. This included improving site speed, enhancing mobile responsiveness, and ensuring all content was accessible and valuable to users.

Custom Outreach

To build high-quality backlinks, we executed a custom outreach campaign targeting media sites relevant to Sales Integra's industry and local area. Our outreach strategy included obtaining links from competitors' references and other authoritative sources, all pointing back to our weekly blog content. This approach helped establish Sales Integra's authority and credibility in its niche.


Our comprehensive SEO strategy delivered impressive results for Sales Integra:

  • First Page and First Place Rankings: Sales Integra achieved first-page and first-place rankings for multiple competitive alternative keywords.
  • Consistent Organic Traffic Growth: The website experienced a steady increase in organic traffic, attracting more visitors monthly.
  • Improved Traffic Quality: The quality of organic traffic significantly enhanced, with more engaged and relevant visitors landing on the site.
  • Conversion Growth: There was a noticeable growth in conversions from organic search, driving more leads and sales for Sales Integra.

Send Rank successfully transformed Sales Integra's online presence by following Google's guidelines and implementing a robust, white-hat SEO strategy. Our focus on weekly content, on-page optimization, and custom outreach led to sustainable, long-term results.

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